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Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on July 29th, 2008

No matter what we do in life, whether it is striving to own big cars, or houses.  Have a great job and make lots of money.  I hope everyone remembers one thing, it all means nothing without your family!  I know some people had tough lives when they were growing up, and they don’t particularly like their biological family but…. family can be what you make it.

I have my biological family which I am very close with and I have my very close friends and their family’s which I am very close with also.  So, if you are not close with your biological family then make your friends your family and keep them close.  I am very fortunate to have several families I can call my own.

I say this now, because I realize how suddenly things can change and it scared me.  I guess I always assumed my parents would live forever, but, that might not be true.  My father was rushed to the hospital the other day for chest pains, he is 78 years old and always been extremely healthy.  They gave him a clean bill of health and told him he had acid reflux.

Now, I have acid reflux and I know all to well, it can absolutely feel like you are having a heart attack, thought I was having one myself once.  So, seemed like a safe call on the hospitals part to tell him he had acid reflux.  But, here is the part that nawed at my brain, when the paramedics came to pick up my dad, they gave him nitro for a heart attack.  The pains subsided and off they went to the hospital.

Anyone else following me here?  Nitro only works on the heart and would have nothing to do with gastric acids.  So, why did the nitro stop the pains?  Luckily his regular doctor asked that same question and set up a visit with a cardiologist for my dad.  He is still having some chest pains and takes the nitro to make them stop.  We all think, maybe somebody missed something some where.

This leads me to why we need to take care of our families, stay in touch, tell them you love them, they will not be here forever no matter how much we want them to be.  I am now trying to figure out when and how to make a very long trip from WA state to Arkansas, nowhereville.  I will have to take a bus, a cab, a plane, then rent a car and 12 to 14 hours later should make it to my folks house.

 I just need to make sure my dad knows how much I love him, and I am going to tell him in person.  As, you have read in My Grandpa’s Story, I let one opportunity slip by in my life because I thought my grandpa would live forever…. I am not letting this time slip by me now.