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Let’s Talk Wood

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 22nd July 2008

If you are ready to start scroll sawing then we need to talk about getting some wood.

Wood comes in two basic categories, solid woods which come in two categories also; hardwoods and softwoods.  Then woods come in what is considered sheet goods (woods layered or pressed together) like plywood.

 Both have their places in scroll sawing and woodworking.  Plywood is easier to come by and cheaper in most instances to make scroll saw projects.  But, if you are into reclaiming wood like I talked about in and earlier post, you don’t have to work about any of this, use your reclaimed wood.

You can go to your local lumber yard and get plywood sheets and have them cut it to smaller sheets if you don’t already have a saw to cut the sheets down.  This will be the cheapest way for you to get plywood sheets for scrollsawing.  I will post spots for you to buy precut sheets used specificely scroll sawing at a later date, but, know you are going to pay a good price for these pieces and I wouldn’t suggest them when you are just starting out.

You’ll want to start out with thin sheets of plywood to start out with as these are easier for you to move the saw blade through and easier to make turns and cuts in.  If you are using solid woods, I would still look for thinner wood as it will easier to work.  If you are going to go buy plywood, try 1/8 thick wood, very easy to work.

If you are going to buy solid woods, buy a softwood such as pine, as it will be easy to find and less inexpensive then other woods.  Again, you want to buy the thinnest pieces that you can to start with.

Also remember your scroll saw will dictate the width of wood you can scroll on, by the distance you have between the arm of your scroll saw and the surface you are cutting on. 

Next, I will talk about blades and how to start a simple cut.  Please, if you have questions be sure to ask away.

Also watch for the grand opening of my new website coming very soon!

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Women And Confidence

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 22nd July 2008

I really don’t want this blog to only be about woodworking and scroll sawing.  This blog is here to show women they can do something they never thought they could accomplish.  It is about inspiring each other to try new things, to build confidence and independence.

I want women to have a voice about how they tried something new and failed, but, tried again and then succeeded.  It is about facing your fears and over coming them.  Franklin D. Roosevelt himself said it best “The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Fear Itself.”  Don’t let the fear of trying something new stop you. So what, you make a mistake, no harm, no foul, try again.

I hope you will all share your trials and tribulations, your fears, your desires, your triumphs and successes.  Come on ladies, step out of the comfort zone, the water is fine!  Scroll Sawing is one of the safest and easiest to learn arts in woodworking.  Trust me, the first time you cut something out while scroll sawing, you will be hooked and your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds.

Give it a Try, what do you have to lose?

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Work Space

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 19th July 2008

The great thing about scrollsawing, is, you don’t need very much space.  So many great things about scrollsawing, if you haven’t noticed.

Here is a picture of my scrollsaw work place.  You don’t need a giant workshop to take up this hobby.

My Work Space

As you can see, all you need is a small corner of your room, enough to basically sit your butt, or stand if you prefer and scroll away.  If you want to set up more of workshop, you could include a small workbench or Workmate, right behind you.  Hang up a pegboard on the wall to hang all your tools on and in about a 4 x 8′ spot you could have a nice little workshop area.

Watch here, I am getting closer to getting my website up and running.  Stay tuned, don’t turn that station, we will be right back after commercial break!

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Scroll Saws – Big Girl Tools

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 19th July 2008

Anything with a motor I consider Big Girl Tools.  So, lets talk about Scroll Saws Now, I mean that is why you found this site right?

The beauty of a scroll saw is one, it is a very safe machine to operate, two, you can cut in any direction at any speed you find comfortable.  Start at a really slow speed and as you gain confidence you can turn up the speed of your cutting.  If you can sew on a sewing machine you can run a scroll saw.  Scroll sawing very basically is sewing with wood, same exact motion you get from a sewing machine.  That is the true beauty of scroll saws, so easy to learn and operate, anyone could do it.  YES, even you!

There are many, types of scroll saws these days and in all sorts of price ranges.  If you are just wanting to start in this fascinating hobby, go with the lower end models, they will serve you well for your first couple years.  They did me! 

I started with a 12″ (not very big, but I didn’t know that) Dremel.  The size of a scroll saw is measured by the inches from the blade to the back end of your machine, thus, the size of the piece of wood you can cut.  To start with, I was not cutting anything longer then 12″ trust me.  That scroll saw served me well for many years and I didn’t know I was missing out on anything till the day I decided to upgrade and then I learned the difference in scroll saws.  Had I not upgraded I still would have thought my little 12″ Dremel was the sweetest thing on the planet.

Actually I don’t even think anybody even makes a 12″ scroll saw any more.  I think the standard low end scroll saw is now 16″.  That is a pretty fair size to get almost any size piece of art made, unless you are really going into some fancy stuff!  To start with though, you better stay away from fancy and focus on technique.

You can pick up a decent scroll saw at Lowes, Home Depot, or even Sears, for around $200.  You might even try garage saling.  If you are going to buy a used saw, plug it in and make sure it works (duh) but then make sure it is on a flat surface and watch how badly it vibrates.  Don’t turn the speed all the way up because any machine will vibrate at high speed if it isn’t bolted down.  Just make sure that at medium speed the thing doesn’t walk off by itself!  Also make sure that it has Variable speeds (otherwise it is an antique) and that it uses Pinless or Plain End blades (another sign of how old a machine is – if it uses Pin-End Blades).

You will also need some blades, again, these coming in all types, sizes, makes, and models.  The good news, most stores you go to won’t carry too many variations so you don’t have to worry about.  Later, when you get into this hobby as I know you will, then you will start ordering your blades from dealers and then you will see how staggering the selection and options are.

For now, pick up some 5″ blades, they are pretty much the standard size and allow you to do almost anything with a scroll saw as a beginner, if you want to try a couple smaller sizes (if they have them) go ahead, but, you should not need anything bigger than a 5″ blade to start.

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Your Bragging Page

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 19th July 2008

I would love for anyone who decides they want to try scroll sawing, or any woodworking project, to send me a picture of your project and I will post it under Your Bragging Page. I want your beginning pictures and then we can all watch as you grow in your skills.  I would like everyone to get as excited as I am about scroll sawing and wood working. 

Send those pictures in, and if you would like a name and where you are from posted I will do that too.

 Send your pictures to;  

Watch for my website coming soon to an area near you! : )

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