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Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 23rd August 2008

Well, it has taken awhile for me to finish writing this story, and no I didn’t do it just to keep the suspense alive, I did it because, I finally made my way home to WA, but, it has been a tiring trip.  I tell everybody I came home by stagecoach because I thought it would be faster then my trip down.  (No, I didn’t actually come back by stagecoach!  Duh, It just makes a good story.) Fortunately my trip back was not as suspenseful as the trip down.  Though it had its moments where I thought, “oh no, not again!”

 In Part 3 I told you how I had called everyone and anyone trying to figure out a better way home then it took me to get down to AR.  I had called United Airlines to try and change my mistake of flying into Springfield, IL. and not into Springfield, MO. like I was supposed to.  If you haven’t read the other parts of the story, you really have to read them to get the whole irony of the rest of this story.

I start this portion of the story with an email to me from Expedia telling me that United Airlines had cancelled my trip home.  “WHAT!”  I was sure (not really sure at all) this was just a mistake.  That the guy I had talked to at United had cancelled my trip when he thought I was booking another flight, but, when we could not make that happen, I am sure he re-booked my old ticket.

 I had to call Expedia though to make sure that is all that happened and find out what the deal was.  I told the very nice rep there that I received the email saying United Airline cancelled my ticket.  She told me she did not see where that had happened, she could not find anything on her end so she was going to call United Airlines herself.  We are back to a waiting game but at least I don’t have to listen to the Chinese water torture music of United Airlines.

The Expedia rep comes back and forth several time, apparently with a United rep on another line, she is still trying to figure out why I received the email saying my flight was cancelled.  After several back and forths with United she comes back and tells me my flight was not cancelled.  But…… “aw come on…. I am so, tired of hearing BUTS!”  But, she says they have made a change to your flight.

Okay, I say, let me have it…. I am ready for anything at this point.  She tells me I will still be flying out of Springfield, IL. on Saturday, that has not changed at all, but, my connecting flight in Chicago to Seattle will not be leaving till Sunday! “WHAT?”  This is crazy!  I asked her if she was kidding me, she said no.

Apparently she could tell I was not amused with this latest development in my trip from hell, she tells me that United has to allow me to find a different flight home, if I would like.  I say, of course I would like, what am I going to do sit in Ohare airport in Chicago all night?  The nice rep from Expedia says “let me see what United will do.”  She comes back and forth to me several times, telling me that United does have other flights going to Seattle and they were trying to figure out something for me.

Now, if you have been following this story at all, you know that I am an idiot (ok, I am over that, I have cut myself some slack seeing I was booking a flight under duress when I was not sure if my father was okay with a second trip to the hospital for chest pains in the last 4 days).  So, anyway, this knucklehead (me) booked a flight mistakenly to Springfield, IL not Springfield, MO and have been trying for a week to change my flight to fly out of Springfield MO’s airport and not Springfield, IL.

The wonderful Expedia woman comes back to me several times telling me of flights they have leaving at different times out of Springfield IL to Denver to Seattle.  Now, I see a silver lining in the dark clouds that have been hanging over my travel for so long.  The next time the Expedia woman comes back on the line, I tell her, “there is an airport in Springfield MO and if that would be easier I could fly out of there”.(remember this is the airport I have been trying to get a flight out of all along).   She says, “ok, I will tell the United guy that”.  I cross my fingers and wonder what she will say when she comes back.

It seems like forever before she comes back.  She comes back on the line and she tells me they have 3 flights out of Springfield MO, and tells me the times and asks me if any of those would work?  WHAT!?!?  It can’t be this easy!  I have been fighting for three days with people to get my airline ticket changed without giving them my first born child and here she is just offering me the chance to change my ticket, no strings attached?  I try to calmly tell her yes, thank you any of these flights would work for me.  She says, “great, let me tell the United Ticket guy”.

She comes back on the line shortly, with details for 3 flights leaving Springfield MO and asks me which one I would like, I tell her and she says okay!  Okay?  I am dumbfounded at this point.  Okay?  That is it?  She comes back to me with a confirmation number, flight numbers, everything.  Still dumbfounded, I thank her, ask her to repeat everything, because I am sure something must be wrong here, she repeats everything and it is the exactly what I have been trying to schedule for myself for the last 3 days with no success, as I said without giving them my first born child, an arm, two legs and my car keys.  And, they did it all for FREE! 

Karma?  Travel Gods?  The stars were aligned?  My family and friends all said they prayed for me that things would work out!  I am not sure what it was, but after this whole ordeal I think I will be taking the train everywhere, I like land better than the skies anyway.

Hmmm, what will I write about now?  Certainly hope it won’t be as exciting as this trip, that is for sure!

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