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Ask Questions

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 30th September 2008

If you want to start scroll sawing but aren’t sure where to start, come here check things out and write me with any questions you have.

I am always here to help in any way I can.  IF you have done a scroll saw project and would like to put it on the bragging page email the picture and I will put it on my blog.

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Magnets For Carpal Tunnel

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 30th September 2008

I have been experimenting with the use magnets for my carpal tunnel for about a month now and have seen some marked improvements in both my carpal tunnel and in my neck pains and headaches.  Sitting at a scroll saw or computer for hours on end is bound to cause some pains now and again.  So, I wanted to find a way to help releave the aches and pains and stress I was putting on my body from sitting in the same position for hours.

I have a necklace and two bracelets, so you know just what I have been doing.  I don’t know about you, but, I do not like modern medicine all the pills they like to dispense on a whim.  I think society is getting sicker (I mean ill here, not the mental sickness that runs rampant also) because they have killed off their immune systems.

I am a teacher and have been for almost 20 years and have probably never had more then a handful of colds in my life time.  How do I accomplish that?  I never take medication for anything.  The cold will run it’s course and I will not die because of it.

Now, I am not saying that you do not need medication sometimes!  I actually had a bout with a very bad cold that had gone to my lungs once and I knew it was time to help.  But, medication once in a blue moon will not destroy your immune systems ability to fight colds.

If I can be around sniffling, sneezing, cough, and bugger ridden kids all day everyday and not get sick, maybe my theory holds some water!

I digress, I was going to tell you about my use of magnets.  I think they are amazing and can really help with some of life’s little pains. You should give them a try if you have little aches and pains.  One place I love to get my jewelry from is Energetix magnetic jewelry  they really have some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Many Hollywood stars wear Energetix magnetic jewelry.  Ask actress Sharon Stone, celebrity heiress Paris Hilton, actor Ethan Hawke, or Academy Award Winning Director, Cathy Shulman, they may all tell you the same thing: Energetix magnetic jewelry makes a difference in their lives!

Actor Anthony Hopkins, who had for years suffered from shoulder pains, started experiencing relief after only two weeks of magnetic therapy. 

Retired Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, who can’t say enough about the difference Energetix magnetic jewelry has made in his life. Comedian Dick Van Dyke had tried every available pill and treatment in an effort to cure his arthritis and did not experience relief until magnets came into his life. Perhaps one of the strongest endorsements of all comes from retired home run king Hank Aaron, who said, “Magnets make me feel like playing baseball again!”

Why not see how magnets can change your life.

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Start An Online Store.

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 23rd September 2008

Are you looking to open your own online store? Sell you works? Maybe you do crafts and would like to find a way to sell them without doing the whole craft fair circuit.

 This can be one of the hardest parts of being a network marketer and crafter, but, with GoDaddy you can have an online store up and running in just a few minutes.  Get your own online store — in minutes! Quick Shopping Cart®

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Wooden Games

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 16th September 2008

              cornhole-board.jpg                         cornhole-board-with-bean-bags.jpg      

Makers of Cornhole Board Games! Do you remember this game?  I remember growing up on this game. I am pretty sure my grandpa made us this game.  And you can make it yourself too, but….. will you make it yourself?  Heck, with the cost of gas and wood and materials, this game is actually probably cheaper to buy and have them deliver it to you, your choice.

As seen on NBC4  TV

Welcome to, the Ultimate Maker of Cornhole Products!  We are your number one resource for Cornhole Boards, Cornhole Corn Bags, complete cornhole sets and more. Woodgamz is the low cost leader of cornhole products.  Our cornhole boards sets start at just $69.99 and our cornhole professional bag sets from just $23.25!  Plus, we’ll ship your corn toss products in 24 hours from when you place your order. Please make us your cornhole store!

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Self Doubt No More

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 15th September 2008

Secrets to Overcoming Self-Doubt
By []Grace Mason

Self-doubt is something we all experience in our day to day life. It is nothing new. But, it becomes a problem when it permeates into every aspect of a persons life and prevents them from living life to the fullest. If self-doubt has become a problem for you, the danger is that you may decide to settle for mediocrity. This is because, self-doubt has the power to destroy your confidence, cripple you and stop you from pursuing your dreams.

But there is good news for you; you do not have to settle for mediocrity, you can banish self-doubt and be able to live life to the maximum.

Here are 3 secrets to overcoming self-doubt:

1.) Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Self-doubt is grounded in fear, – fear that we will make mistakes or do the wrong thing. It is simply the fear of negative things happening. In order to overcome this fear you will need to change your thought pattern.  Human beings are not perfect and making mistake is something we do. So don’t allow mistakes to make you feel guilty and bad, rather, let them be your teacher. Remember that you can recover from making a mistake, so do not allow the fear of making one imprison you in self-doubt. Know that just because you make mistakes does not mean you are a failure. Go on and try something new, you will never grow unless you take risks.

2.) Do not allow your feelings to rule your life.

We were all born with the ability to make our own decisions without any influence from outside. Self-doubt forces us to do things by placing outside pressure on us. In other to overcome it, you need to recognise that doubt is just a thought in your mind. It only has power to stop you from enjoying life if you allow it. Remember that you have the ability to go forward and do whatever you need to do regardless of how doubtful you feel. I know that feelings are often very strong and it is not always easy to go contrary to them. But, to be able to enjoy freedom from self-doubt you need to behave contrary to these feelings of doubt. Otherwise, it will continue to run your life and hold you in bondage.

3.) Practice at being positive.

Overcoming self-doubt is just a matter of doing away with one habit and forming another one. Discipline is required anytime a person is forming a new habit. Practice believing in yourself rather than doubting. Bear in mind that, in any situation you could either be wrong or right. So why not take the positive approach first?Purposefully try to look at the positive side of every situation. Look at the glass of water as half full instead of half empty. For example, if you are going to apply for a new job, don’t start by saying “I am not going to get that job” but rather say words like “I believe that I will get the job”. Then, regardless of how negative you may be feeling about yourself take action and apply for it. The biggest mistake will be allowing your thoughts and feelings to stop you from giving it a try at all and then spending the rest of your life regretting and blaming yourself. Practice, practice, practice and before long you will start to actually feel better about yourself.

It starts with you

Overcoming self-doubt begins with you. You must believe that you are able to achieve your destiny in spite of what other people say or what your own mind and feelings say. May be you had negative messages fed into you since you were a child. It could have been a parent who excessively compared you to a sibling giving you the impression that you were flawed. But whatever the reason for your self-doubt and negative attitude towards yourself, the power to change lies with you. If you desire to be able to fulfill your dreams, then you must make a decision to start believing that you are a valuable person with a purpose to fulfill on this earth.

Grace writes a blog on building self-confidence. Check her blog at:

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