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Attaching Patterns To Wood

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 6th September 2008

When you go to make your first project, you will find a pattern you want to scroll, cut it out and then you will attach it to your wood. Temporary-bond spray adhesive is the most common method used to attach patterns to wood. Photocopy the pattern. Spray the adhesive on the back of the pattern, wait a few seconds, and press the pattern down onto the wood blank. Rubber cement or glue sticks work similarly.

Because it can be hard to get residual glue off your wood when you remove the pattern, I will first use painters tape and cover my wood project with that. Then I will either add the adhesive spray to the pattern or use my glue stick to attach it to the painters tape.  Removal of the painters tape is much easier then removing old adhesive spray glue. You can also use graphite or carbon transfer paper. Place the pattern on your blank and slip a sheet of transfer paper in between the pattern and the blank. Use a few pieces of painter’s tape to hold the pattern and transfer paper in place. Trace around the pattern with a red pen (so you know where you have traced). Choose a light-colored transfer paper for darker woods. Carbon paper costs less than graphite paper, but must be sanded off before finishing.

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