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Blade Tensioning

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 10th September 2008

Tensioning?  Is that a word, or did I just make that up?  Hmmm.. the spell checker dosen’t like my new word but I do so I am keeping it. In other words this post is about how to tension you blades! (better?)

Before inserting a blade into your scroll saw, the tension should be completely removed.  Clamp both ends of the scroll saw blade into the blade holders and adjust the tension. Push on the blade with your finger. It should flex no more than 1/8″ forward, backward, or side to side.

A blade that does not have enough tension will wander and you will not be ale to follow a pattern line very easily. It will also flex from side to side, making for irregular or angled cuts. 

A blade that has too much tension is more susceptible to breaking and tends to pull out of the blade holders. In general, it is better to make the blade too tight rather than too loose because you will ruin your project if the blade is too loose, you will only lose a blade if it is too tight.

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