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Store Blades Near Your Scroll Saw

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 2nd October 2008

I use a strip magnet mounted somewhere on the scroll saw, or stand to hold extra blades, so that they are easily available. Find a convenient location and mount two pieces of strip magnet about 4″ apart to hold the top and bottom area of the blade. I also find it nice to mount the magnets on riser blocks about 1/2″ off the surface, this gives your fingers room to pick up the blades.

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Removing Patterns From Project

Posted by The Scroll Saw Lady on 1st October 2008

I have talked about ways to attach your patterns to your wood but I never told you the best ways to remove those patterns when you are done.

If you have been working on a project for awhile the pattern can become very hard to get off, or it could be ready to fall of.  If the pattern is very hard to get off, try dampening it with mineral spirits, this usual will loosen up the glue and make it easier to remove.  If you have any glue reminants on your wood again, adding a little mineral spirits to it should make it easy to just wipe away.

Another trick I use if you have stubborn glue problems, get out the hair dryer!  Heating up the glue will make it gooie (my word, leave me alone), so you can peel off the pattern and then if glue remains on the wood, grab the mineral spirits and lightly wipe the glue away.

Happy Scroll Sawing!

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