The Scroll Saw Lady

Ladies Come Learn To Scroll Saw!

About Me

I am not someone who has never had any real training in woodworking.  I just had a want and desire.  You to can start woodworking if you just have a want and desire also.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, it is a freeing experience.  To many woman are afraid to start in woodworking because they feel that it is something only men do.  Let me be your example.  You can do this, it really isn’t hard.  And scrollsawing is one of the safest forms of wood working that you can get into.

Come on in, the water is fine!   If you have questions and would like to email me please do, also if you have pictures of projects you have done and would like to put them on my blog with your information email and I will put them up.

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